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Version 7.00 Build 9160

This is the first build of PxPlus Version 7. The majority of enhancements in this build relate to this new version. In addition, a few PxPlus specific enhancements have been included.

The following new +PxPlus Exclusive features were added to PxPlus with Build 9160
(click here to view information on the prior build --9159)

  • Minor improvements have been made to the activation system program, pxpreg. It will now prompt for the entry of an activation key if one is not supplied on the command line.
  • System font processing is now more consistent. A font specification, such as ",0.5", now takes the current graphical font and applies the size to it. Also, the built-in logical font names *, *GUIFONT, and *SYSFONT can have their size/attributes overridden.
  • In Nomads, a new entry "GUI Control Font" has been added in all font selections to allow for the specification of the graphical font defined by the operating system.
  • The DIRECTORY directive on Unix/Linux now will accept spaces within the name of directory. In addition, opening a directory for reading (OPEN or SELECT) can now specify directories with spaces in their pathnames.
  • The XEQ function has been enhanced so that if an asterisk is given as an argument list, the function issues a PERFORM instead of a CALL.
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  • The ODBC interface now supports a new IGNORE_NODATA parameter that can be used to force the system to report a SQL_NODATA back to the application. By default, this parameter is ON. It may be set to OFF by adding IGNORE_DATA=NO to the [ODB] open command string or the [ODBC] section of the INI file. Setting the parameter OFF will cause the SQL_NO_DATA error to return as an error status.
  • The treeview now properly supports the 'Backcolor and 'Textcolor properties and include a new 'LineColor attribute which allows to the definition of the colour of the lines within a treeview.
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In addition, the following standard ProvideX problems were resolved in this build:

Supplemental updates:

The following additional updates have also been released:

  • Release of code specifically compiled for Pentium class processors. All earlier versions were designed for 386 and up.
  • Corrected a minor problem with overprinting when using graphical output
  • Enhanced Window displays to avoid main window incorrectly being displayed when creating child windows not in the main window.
  • The conversion utility _getcnfg that converts the config.bbx file was corrected to handle quotes and multiple spaces
  • The Thoroughbred data dictionary conversion tools were updated to handle most key definitions and a variety of padding/format specifications
  • Eliminated a GPF when numeric overflow occurs during exponentiation which was the result of changing compilers in build 9160.2
  • Added proper reporting and handling of overflow/underflow conditions for math operations thus avoiding incorrect math results.
  • Improved accuracy of fractional portions of numeric values when running in FLOATINGPOINT.
  • Removed some debugging code in the conversion program *conv.tbd/gendict.
  • Includes correction for problem with the Application server "reload" program not working
  • Improved window display when using 'WINDOW' style child windows in 'DIALOGUE' windows.