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Version 7.00 Build 9161

This build has a wide variety of new PxPlus features and enhancements. Two major features of this release are the Data Duplicating capability using the REPEAT DATA directive and the new Client-Server Auto-download capabilities that allow for the automatic downloading of images and programs to WindX workstations.

The following new +PxPlus Exclusive features were added to PxPlus with Build 9161
(click here to view information on the prior build --9160)

  • The command line processor has been extended to allow the stepping through individual directives in a statement when entering a ';' (semi-colon) at command mode. In addition, the system will display using background colors the statement you currently are executing.
  • Extended the DROP directive to allow either the original program name (as supplied on the ADDR directive) or absolute pathname (as returned in the PUB function) to be used when dropping programs.
  • Added the ability to issue a DEF UID="xxxxx" on Windows. This will not truly switch userids as far as system security is concerned but will change the value returned in WHO and UID, plus change the ID stored in program headers when issuing a SAVE directive.
  • A REPEAT DATA directive has been added that will allow for automatic duplication of all output sent to one file onto another.
  • The INPUT directive has been enhanced to allow for the inclusion of both simple string variables in a validation list for an input. For example INPUT @(5,5),X$:(YES$=1000,NO$=2000)
  • To simplify the generic removable of windows controls we have added a new REMOVE CONTROL id directive that will remove the control specified by id regardless of type.
  • The RENAME directive has been enhanced to rename multi-segmented files when using the '+E' system parameter or "ALLSEG" option.
  • The FFN ( ) function has been enhanced to make sure that the file number returned does not belong to an Object.
  • To simplify error detection in your program the TCB ( ) function has been extended to include TCB(2) which will indicate that an error branch has just occurred in your program. In addition, the TCB function has be enhanced to simplify access to package information by allowing the caller to specify a package number instead of an index value.
  • New functionality has been added to the TCB ( ) function to allow the programmer to easily determine the currently active files, objects, windows, and controls.
  • The CVS ( ) function has been extended to provide built in BASE64 and UUENCODE conversions
  • Setting the 'PW' system parameter on a WindX connected session causes the value to be automatically sent and updated on the workstation.
  • A new 'dir' command has been added to the system to provide a simple way to browse a directory and the files therein.
  • The Thoroughbred conversion utilities have been enhanced to handle more directives and functions such as FINPUT, MSORT, ADDSORT, REMSORT, etc...
  • The 'cd' command line utility has been modified to allow you to specify a system library such as "*conv.tbd". The 'ls' command line utility was enhanced to force full expansion of the current directory thus avoiding a problem when prefixes are in effect.
  • Added a NEW command line utility (*cmd/system/new) that will issue a DELETE and BEGIN thus giving you a clear environment to create a new program from command mode.
  • Enhanced browser based launching of Windx (windx:// prefix) to support Simple Client Server connections
  • Corrected problem with the FIN (nn, "FILE_CREATE") option to properly return the SEP= option.
  • Resolved a problem caused by a left over work file, which could occur when the Open Basic conversion was run multiple times.
  • Forced *web/mail and *web/email to use internationally recognized month names (English) regardless of current language settings
  • Button text on the Grid control now properly handles the carriage return ($0D$) and line feed ($0A$).
  • WindX online help and documentation was corrected and updated
  • Removed annoying problem caused by running "it" when a passworded program is loaded. Skipped auto-load of program.
  • Corrected the size of a variety of internal bitmaps that were not consistent with the 20x16 standard.