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Version 7.00 Build 9162

This build adds two exciting new features to our ever expanding list of reasons to chose PxPlus for your application.

Need to fax directly from your application? Don't want to have to buy dedicated hardware or expensive faxing software.

PxPlus now has Built-in faxing support for an internet based service

In keeping with our ongoing commitment to bring you access to some of the greatest technologies in the market today, this build of PxPlus includes native support of MYSQL. This new interface provides high-speed direct access to MySql databases on Windows/Unix/Linux without the need or overhead of an ODBC link.

The following new +PxPlus Exclusive features were added to PxPlus with Build 9162
(click here to view information on the prior build --9161)

  • Faxing support via the Internet has been added to the system through the *PLUSFAX* file. This system file allows for the direct printing of reports for delivery by Fax to the specified fax number with optional cover sheet generation.
  • Direct access to MySQL databases was added using the native database access routines and the new "[MYSQL]" pathname identifier. This interface is compatible with the existing ODBC, Oracle and DB2 interfaces but allows access to MySql tables on both Windows and Unix/Linux systems. (This is a chargeable add-on)
  • The Windows Trace window has been enhanced to output a trace of all SQL commands issued by the system when running against a database.
  • The INPUT Directive validation rules have been further enhanced with this build to include support for substrings and array elements in order to assist in conversions of text based Thoroughbred® applications.
  • Background images are now supported within NOMADS allowing the application designer to define images (pictures) that will be used as a backdrop for the application panel.
  • A new Hyperlink style button allows for the easy definition of buttons that will appear like standard text-only Web page links.
  • Allowed the application to include default values on the ENTER Directive in order to simplify the programming of common routines.
  • A new SYSTEM_JRNL BEGIN AUTO directive has been added to support Dynamic Auto-commits of database transactions. This feature helps to assure that all updates are synchronized and improves the speed of processes that issue multiple updates.
  • An IDENTIFIER_QUO option was added to the FIN function to provide the character(s) used to surround identifiers based on the database in use.
  • An OWNER option was also added to the FIN function to provide the object number that 'Owns' a file.
  • The Mnemonics 'F+' and 'F-' have been added to control the automatic background filling of fonted, check_box, and radio button text.
  • A new System parameter '47' was added to the system that will emulate the error 47 suppression logic found in Thoroughbred®. Use of this parameter eliminates the need to manually review all IF statements when doing a conversion.
  • Added the 'CurrentItem property to Variable drop and list box controls to indicate the current selection from the list.
  • Enhanced the named window emulation logic to use objects tied to windows in order to assure that the named windows table was properly maintained in the Thoroughbred® conversion utilities (*conv.tbd/window).
  • Improved the screen design for Dependancy definitions in NOMADS
  • Added logic to the DIR command to display an error message if invoked from a non-graphical terminal
  • Corrected file locking for INSERT, UPDATE and various other directives to assure proper data file locking on Unix/Linux.
  • The printing of pictures has been corrected to work when running under WINE in Linux.
  • Corrected Daylight Savings time on SAVE directive so that the date/time stamps in program headers are correct.
  • Improved FINPUT emulator for better handing of some of the edit mode attributes.
  Thoroughbred® is a registered trademark of Thoroughbred Software International, Inc

Supplemental update:

The following additional updates have also been released:

  • In-house versions (not generally released)
  • Corrected problems with WindX and the inability to re-activate minimized window
  • Fixed problem when assigning data to a sub-string of a Structured string
  • Resolved a conflict in the EFF code between Numeric keys and Descending keys.