Version 7.00 Build 9163

This is one of most comprehensive releases ever and addresses a wide variety of features and enhancements, such as, language level support of Data Encryption and Decryption, Multiple/Variant Record formats, built-in UTF-8 support, Drag & Drop file support, and improved file access compatibility to name a few. In addition, changes have been made to the Application Server SSL support for Unix resulting in significant performance improvements while at the same time improving the stability of the product.

The following new +PxPlus Exclusive features were added to PxPlus with Build 9163
(click here to view information on the prior build --9162)

  • New OPEN+ directive has been added to provide compatibility with other Business Basic languages.
  • Extended drag-and-drop facility to all external applications to drop files into application with the DROP FILE directive.
  • Added the ability to remove multiple controls with a single REMOVE CONTROL directive
  • Access to industry standard Encryption/Decryption algorithms was added to the HSH function
  • Added UTF-8 options to LEN, MID, POS, UCS, LCS, and CVS functions.
  • Enhanced the CVS function to directly convert a series of UNICODE values into UTF-8 output.
  • Improved accuracy of the DTE function to include milliseconds on Unix/Linux platforms and added %k format (milliseconds).
  • Extended the range of the TMR function to 24 days with millisecond accuracy, wherever possible.
  • The PTH function has been extended to return the pathname for existing files.
  • Added a new 'ObjectID property to all controls to enable applications to intercept property values and add methods to controls.
  • Enhanced the 'EnterMode property so that it can control the handling of the ENTER key in Multi_lines
  • NOTICE: The PxPlus simple client server default port number has been changed from 10000 to 4093, our Official IANA port address. This may require setup changes.
  • The system utility program *INIFILE now provides a DELETE entry point to remove entries and sections from an INI file
  • The generic Calendar query program was changed to better position queries on Grids near the bottom of the screen
  • NOMADS dependency table screen definition was redesigned to improve usability
  • Improved the output of system generated message boxes within the *ext/system/msgbox.gui routine
  • The built-in NOMADS Query subsystem has been extended to provide a facility to copy and export the data using a right mouse click.
  • A new Manual File Transfer feature has been added to the WindX Auto-download capability allowing easy transfers of files between host and workstation.
Fixes and minor changes
  • Modified the system initialization logic on Unix to allow specification of relative pathname on command line (details)
  • Changed the default of ('PZ' System Parameter) to not produce warnings when program sizes exceed 64KB
  • Resolved problems with RPC not properly recognizing remote calls when used with a Prefix file (details)
  • Improved error detection and correction that could occur when RPC connection fails (details)
  • Corrected problems with long pathnames in Print Preview system
  • Improved load time for unsorted Tree views
  • Added a new noglobal configuration parameter to the Apache HTTP Interface to increase security
  • Online Activation was improved to display better Activation message prompt.
  • Added support for CTRL-V as a paste function during command mode.
  • Included a system check for invalid system dates which could cause the software to GPF. (details)
  • Eliminated problems associated with MSE, FIB, FIN in background tasks whose TERM value is set to 'winterm' (details)
  • Corrected problems associated with LISTing to binary files in Input only mode.
  • Resolved problem of data file corruption using System_jrnl on Windows (details)
  • Corrected problem with the VIA directive not allowing the setting of integer variables (details)
  • Implemented code on the host to compensate for FIB(0) problems within JavX (Version 2.50 and below). (details)
  • Added warning messages to many graphical utilities to warn user when running on a non-graphical device.
  • Modified the naming convention used for Dirty File logs to include the Process ID on Unix.
  • Removed limit of 32000 bytes for Multi-select list boxes READ
  • Added a new HideTips Ini file setting and system menu option to disable floating tips (details)
  • Corrected UI problem with Tree views not selecting items when right clicking them. (details)
  • Changed the default state for the '+E' system parameter (auto-erase segments) from OFF to ON.

Supplemental updates:

The following additional updates have also been released:

  • Enhanced the installation to migrate existing activation keys to the new install
  • Add new 'OPTION' mnemonic settings and FIN ( ) function values for "FRAME", "MASK_COLOUR", "XYPOS", "XYREGION", "XYMOUSE", "MSG_IS_TIP" and "INVAILD_BMP"
  • Added support for creation of Transparent and Shaped Windows and system utilities to create POPUP windows (FADE_IN and TOASTER popup)
  • NOMADS was enhanced to support "Widgets" (tutorial)
  • Corrected problem with SELECT WHERE clause requiring Integer values (details)
  • Enhanced the 'SS' system parameter to recognize the FOR directive within the PRECISION directive and NEW function (details)
  • Improved the ability to pass passwords that include semi-colons to the *web/email program (details)
  • Eliminated potential GPF caused by passing too many parameters to an OCX (details)
  • Corrected problem with the display/use of GIF files and the WindX plugin (details)
  • Eliminated an incorrect error message caused when using Windx://APS: URL's and the Application server has security enabled. (details)
  • Added logic to forward 'CH' and 'CO' system parameters to WindX connected workstations
  • Improved compatility so issuing CLOSE (0) while System parameter 'FF' Fid format is set to 2 closes all files.
  • Fixed error that resulted in the VER command not working on AIX 5 (details)
  • Eliminated potential system hang when saving large programs (details)
  • Added error detection logic to detect and report when logically closing updated EFF files during transaction (details)
  • Corrected incorrect key name definitions being reported for EFF files with more than 16 keys. (details)
  • Resolved problem with empty FILE= on *winprt* open and WIN98 (details)