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Version 7.10 Build 9171

Build 9171 includes a number of features and enhancements that will make it easier for you to develop networked based applications and improve their performance. From the built in XML parser, to the remote Call using SOAP and Apache, this build addresses a number of major requirements for networked applications while providing new capabilities such as Pseudo properties and file handle/buffer sharing.

The following new +PxPlus Exclusive features were added to PxPlus with Build 9171
(click here to view information on the prior build --9170)

  • An Apache based RPC interface using CALL "[HTTP/HTTPS]" using an XML / SOAP derived protocol to run subprograms remotely with demo site.
  • Accessing multiple properties is supported through the use of Pseudo "Multi-Property" names to improve client-server performance.
  • Improved Program library path rules logic to expand the internal full pathnames to include the full pathname of the library.
  • Added the ability to change paper trays and paper alignment (PORTRAIT vs. LANDSCAPE) mid-way through a print job.
  • To assist in resource utilization, the Windows About/Info display was enhanced to show active graphic images and item counts.
  • The PERFORM directive has been modified to allow the specification of a DOM= option for missing labels
  • An XML ( ) function has been added to the system to simplify the generation and parsing of XML data.
  • The FIN ( ) function has new properties to determine the current output orientation and paper source(s) along with printer port name and device.
  • A new FIN ( 0 , "FREECTL" ) option that will return the lowest unused CTL value in the range of from 5000 thru 9999.
  • New functionality was added to the FFN ( ) function to control which files will be searched.
  • The HSH ( ) function has been enhanced to provide SHA 224, 256, 384 and 512 digest capabilities.
  • Two new conversion options have been added to the CVS ( ) function, BASE64URL and BASE64ANY
  • A new STK ( PROPERTIES ) function to retrieve the number and type of CALLing parameters.
  • The 'OPTION' mnemonic has new options for *WINPRT* output ORIENTATION and SOURCE to control the paper during a print job.
  • The 'RS' mnemonic on Windows system has been enabled to force a re-display of the text plane.
  • A new 'SH' System parameter provides control over sharing logical connections to the same file to improve file performance.
  • The '+X' System parameter extends string formatting compatibility to other Business Basics
  • Added 'SelBulletno property to the Rich Text control to control the bullet number value.
  • A new 'Colno property has been added to the Grid control to access columns by column number only.
  • New "*plus/obj/qryinf" object provides access to properties of Nomads query objects
  • Added CTRL-D to the Integrated Toolkit to duplicate the current line
  • Improved Browse for library functions within the IT librarian manager to start at current library.
  • Supplied a new "*plus/cs/service" utility to install/de-install the PxPlus Simple Client Server as a service on Windows.
Fixes and Minor Changes
  • Corrected problem with the handling of overprints in PDF files (details)
  • Resolved problems associated with concurrent updates of EFF files reporting incorrect record not found statuses (details)
  • Fixed problems with formatted List Box line heights when changing 'FMT$ property (details)
  • Resolved incorrect record busy (Error 0) status being returned on Key functions on Unix/Linux (details)
  • Corrected handling of TIM= clause for MSGBOX directives caused by Message box window losing focus. (details)
  • Fixed an error in the handling of the TXH function when used with PDF files. (details)
  • Corrected problem with the use of PVXLANG environment and message library (details)

Supplemental updates:

The following additional update(s) have also been released:

  • New support for PLUSLIB DLL Library for programs and data files.
  • The 'OPTION'("POSXY_NOCHK", ...) was added to force a screen position without checking if it was off the screen
  • Improved *IT program/version compare utility to print differences and create "Patch file" to the clipboard
  • Supplied new "*plus/web/service" utility to create Windows service for ProvideX Web Server
  • Enhanced TCB(9) functions to return the operating system last error code
  • Directory reading now provides additional file details when opened with the OPT="+INFO"
  • Added MSG(+) and MSG(+:nnn) functions to return OS error messages.
  • New 'ColumnClicked property for List view controls returns column where mouse was last clicked
  • Access to two new CTL events have been added using the 'OnDropOpenCtl and 'OnTipCtl properties
  • The Grid sort has been enhanced to include a 'SortGrouping property that defines the size of each logical set of rows when sorting.
  • Corrected open logic for accessing files on a Linux Read only file systems (details)
  • Fixed problem with the PDF viewer sending large PDF files to WindX connected workstations (details)
  • Resolved WindX issue where help tips did not properly position the text under controls (details)
  • Corrected Nomads error which lost translation Table widths when editing groups (details)
  • Eliminated GPF in some versions of PxPlus when saving images to JPG/PNG files (details)
  • Added support of the 'RM' mnemonic to *WINPRT*.*VIEWER* to avoid error 29 (details)
  • Corrected problem caused by adding a MSG to a control that had a TIP but no pre-existing message (details)
  • Added '+I' system parameter to independently control VLR buffer management which was part of the file caching before
  • Eliminated potential recursive loop error within the object destroy logic
  • Removed limitation on Message libraries, which forced them to be VLR or EFF files. Any keyed file can now be used.
  • Corrected positioning problem caused by use of null keys in *memory*
  • Resolved some Vista installation and operational issues
  • Corrected problem with *UFC not properly copying data dictionary (details)
  • Corrected problem with *IT and the use of the 'F4' system parameter