PxPlus Releases
Build 9300 - Version 10 Oct 2011

Version 10 PxPlus (build 9300)

This is the first PxPlus only release. No further development is being done on the original ProvideX source as of Version 9. All ongoing updates will be PxPlus only.

The following is a list of major enhancements and new features that have been included in this release.
(click here to view information on the prior build --9201)

  • ODBC driver improvements
    • Daytime math improved
    • 64 Bit driver
    • Support for new VLR format (>2GB files)
  • Nomads
    • Nomads Panel Options
      • Set panel transparency
      • Enter-tab setting for panel
      • Frame style
      • Timer options/event definition.
      • Status Bar Segmentation layout
    • Multi-lingual panel/message lib Translation utility
      • Includes field resizing options
    • Cascading Language Suffixes - Cascade language suffixes on nomads libraries (If not in .xx try .en)
    • Listbox and Grid System Popup Menu to provide search and export capabilities
    • Query Subsystem
      • Added Search and Import/export for settings
      • Views may now be used for input
      • Dictionary can now be in files only (not needed in schema)
  • Google Map Interface now supports the ability to request directions
  • Special File Handling - "*VIEW*" - View based file
    • The "*VIEW*" interface allows access to the contents of a View like a standard read-only file.
  • System error log enhancements
  • Dynamically allocated single dimension array can be defined using asterisk as subscript
  • Program names are now included in Trace listing
  • New List box properties
    • 'DisableOnEmpty when set automatically disables list box if it contains no entries
    • 'LinesPerRow can be used to define the number of lines high each row is. Columns can word-wrap or use $0A$ to break
    • 'ColumnHdrTip$ defines the tip value to be displayed when hovering over column header
    • 'ColumnClicked is now set by both left and right mouse click
  • Pseudo objects added to represent controls, windows and file.
  • String formatting now provides a mask charecter of "~" which can be used to hide characters such as credit card numbers
  • Program functions (DEF FN_xxx) can now be run in-line as directives without need to use in expression. Return value discarded.
  • IF string$ test - considers true if string not null (not empty or not blank)
  • The STP ( ) function has been extended to allow the inclusion of '^' to indicate any except those provided.
  • A new FIN (nn, "INPUT" | "OUTPUT") function option can be used to test if file is ready for input/output
  • New FIN(0, "DOUBLEBFR") function and 'OPTION'("DOUBLEBFR",value) mnemonic was added to control the double buffering of Windows screen refreshes to prevent flicking.
  • The PTH ( ) function has been enhanced to support multiple files and will return the path of first file that exists
  • Windows callbacks has been added to the DLL(CALL ...) function
  • 'PICTURE' mnemonic can now accept NULL string to remove picture at location.
  • Support for animated GIFS has been added to the 'Picture' mnemonic and buttons
  • The iNomads query now supports copy/export/hidden columns/column filters and favorites.
  • New Template creation and customization utility
  • iNomads now uses absolute control placement in lieu of table providing near exact match to Nomads screen
  • Stand-alone command line utility (pxpsql) to execute SQL statements and return data to standard output
  • Integrated Toolkit now includes an IntelliSense type feature for system functions
  • Page break in TASKS command
  • Version Control with TortoiseSVN
    • Extract/Update summary screens
    • SVN UCOMMIT and DELETE options added
    • Improved error handling
Fixes and Minor Changes
  • Nomads Designer
    • Fixed an issue where new radio buttons had no Events section in the property window.
    • Fixed an issue where several attributes were missing from the tri-state checkbox property window.
    • Fixed an issue where the Designer could hang after selecting the 'Print' item in the main 'Panel' menu when using 'folder style' mode.
  • Nomads Run-time
    • Frames - %NOMAD_FRAME_WIDTH can be used to set width in pixels of a raised or recessed frame
    • Smart controls - Fixed an issue where smart listboxes ignored the SEP property setting.
    • Resizing - Addressed issue where resizing a panel with folders could result in an error 29 if controls were too close to the right or bottom edges of the folder.
    • Size Adjustment - Addressed an issue where control size could not be adjusted if a COM control was present on the panel.
    • Shapes - Corrected radius settings when drawing rectangles.
    • Query - Addressed an issue where windows were drawn on the wrong monitors when the monitors were stacked.
  • Data Dictionary - Disabled non-applicable segment options when defining numeric keys.
  • IT - Fixed the 'Window' menu reference which failed when there were 10 or more programs open.
  • Pictures sent to *PDF* that are larger than their defined region (based on 72 pixels to the inch) will be auto-scaled to avoid displaying outside the defined region.
  • iNomads
    • Added support for 'Preserve Controls' attribute on folders.
    • Calendar query updated to support formats using M,D and Y.
    • Auto-load controls now load when no trigger is defined

Supplemental updates:

The following additional update(s) have also been released:

9300.1 System updates
  • Added logic to ignore RICH TEXT FORMAT option for controls with Format masks
  • Fixed FIN for Memory files
  • Corrected problem with key size processing for MYSQL
  • Corrections to handle MYSQL reading of Tables and Columns
  • Added support of 'PICTURE'("path_of_image") to be treated the same as 'PICTURE'(0,0,0,0,"path_of_image").
  • Added support for DS parameter and logic to, by default, force current 'FS' (separator) into newly created keyed or indexed files.
  • Added manifest to pxplus in order to get new look controls
  • Allowed DPI to be set to 1 to simplify bitmap
  • Correction to PDF output to properly handle oversized pictures. We now enforce scaling.
  • Fixed long-standing error in the dump logic where the line count was off after displaying the Global Variables title.
... Utilities/Nomads updates
  • Fixed issue where error_handlers messed up error trapping when converting programs.
  • Corrected Menu creation with suppression. Left existing code in place.
  • Improved error reporting when the library directory is invalid or inaccessible.
  • Fixed UFAR to properly handle Compressed files.
  • Added logic to handle language codes on Unix/Linux systems using new POSIX LANG environment variable.
  • Added proper error reporting logic to *win/define & *winold/define to report when it could not update a panel library.
  • Corrected potential problem with stty command failing in *dev/xterm when running on some platforms
  • Improved Get Directory subroutine
  • Corrected App server to work on Version 10 (bad format mask)
  • Addressed error when displaying external database elements after table initially selected in query definition.
  • Addressed issue where incorrect directory structure was created in the source area for a panel library when user copied a panel lib into app area and made edits without first ADDing the panel lib to the source area.
    Added 'Input Length' to variable drop boxes.
  • Fixed issue with using expressions for translation values with dropbox classes.
  • Added logic to properly handle bad library default records.
  • Corrected processing dependency definitions - faulty v5 formatting, folder references, lock/unlock and tab insertion.
  • Clean up a variety of software checks for file headers to allow [Pxp (PxBasic header)
  • Addressed reporting issue for conditions in new dependency definition which had been displayed as logic rather than condition.
  • Add option to language translation utility to display report of translations and results.
  • Cleaned up preservation of current language extension in translator utility
  • Improved translation of items that used variables and global variables in messages.
... iNomads updates
  • Corrected JUMPTO logic for iNomads to handle quoted strings.
  • Resolved problem with iNomads Grid Find when reading a single column.
  • Corrected drag and drop logic for iNomads based Tree views and improved visuals.
  • Changed handling of Wrapped text in iNomads to truncate outside region allocated.
  • Minor correction to display of menus(visual tweaks)
  • Change to style sheets to prevent resizing on Windows when hovering over Query button
  • Improved Query function key handling
  • Correction to iNomads tree view to handle expanding item 0 (the whole tree)
  • iNomads correction to handle NUL= option on Multi-lines plus signal handling and style for Grid buttons.
  • Improved touch screen support and fix for locked numeric inputs.
  • Corrected problem with hidden query button during initial display of form
  • Allowed RETURN/ENTER to be entered in a textarea (multi_line > 1 line high)
  • Corrected currentitem to match what standard Nomads/PxPlus control does.
  • Revised Apache Http configuration file(s)
  • Fixed Multi-Lines with signal on exit and Enter Tab set.
  • Corrected IE backspace handling in passworded fields
  • Updated iNomads Query system to determine return value for a record prior to the formatting program being executed so it get raw rather than formatted data.


9300.2 System updates
  • Changed linkage to ZLIB to standard system call.
  • Improved handling of service names with spaces.
  • Resolved problem with REC= clause cascading into dynamically opened files.
  • Corrected EVS and EVN optimized code processing which would not properly detect alternate value.
  • Fixed a bug in V_SCROLLBAR WRITE that prevented passing a value of -1 for the 'max' parameter.
  • Fixed error with Scrollbars that resulted in an error 41 if bigJump of smallJump not specified in V_SCROLLBAR READ.
... Utilities/Nomads updates
  • Corrected problem with CGI emulation logic when IIS as a Web server
  • Enhanced *plus/spawn to run background processes on UNIX/LINUX
  • Improved timeout handing in *plus/web/request
  • Fixed problem with leading slash in registry keys when using *win/winobj registry routines.
  • Improved WEB NEWS logic to avoid hangups when server not available.
  • Enhanced logic to return all HTTP header items as global variables.
  • File Maintenance System - Updated to support external databases and numeric keys
  • Mysql interface class (*dict/db_mysql) updated to support new mysql interface.
  • Colinfo class - Fixed 'variable$ property for external databases
  • Views - Updated to handle numeric keys.
... iNomads updates
  • Added ability in iNomads MSGBOX to display any Bitmap by including "!xxxx" in list of options.
  • Added RECONNECT_TIME parameter to iNomads.
  • iNomads query - Updated to highlight favorites and to fix positioning of query at arg_1$ value.
  • Listbox colour columns - Fixed recognition of rgb and standard colours such as Light Red, etc.
  • Listbox sort updated to ignore mnemonics so coloured columns don't affect the result.
  • Resolved problem with people that incorrectly inserted spaces in statement labels for *wingrp;show/hide
  • Fixed problem setting tip for Folder tabs
  • Added support for popup_menu position.
  • Grid -- corrected flush of 'changed' data
  • Enhanced Welcome message message.
  • Resolved Javascript issue when Check Box focus glow not defined
  • Fixed problem with Grid cell formatting logic and setting of _obj_type$
  • Corrected sample iNomads configuration for Apache
  • Removed generic TBL$ property from Grid iNomads object
  • Correction to Grid for Drop boxes.
  • Improved disconnect on Timeout
  • Corrected problem with persistent folders and the use of query buttons.
  • Corrected JUMPTO logic for iNomads to handle quoted strings.