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DireXions+ 2016 is a three-day technical conference for application developers and IT leaders who want to maximize the potential of the PxPlus Development Suite to help their organizations meet their business goals.

The conference brings together the experts behind the product and leaders from companies in various industries and countries.

Whether you are new to PxPlus, or are looking to delve deeper and stay up-to-date on upcoming capabilities to be released, this conference iss for you.

What can you expect at this year’s conference?

DireXions+ 2016 is an ideal mix of implementation best practices using the PxPlus Development Suite, technical sessions, product strategy, and tips & tricks.

We’ve often heard from our users, whether new to PxPlus or PxPlus experts, that they routinely discover new and exciting features in the product that they had no idea even existed! Features that fundamentally change their development process for the better—saving them valuable time and code, and winning them clients. To help make your journey through PxPlus’ feature-rich development environment a little bit easier, the focus of this conference is to Rediscover PxPlus.

Informative sessions will WOW you with all the new capabilities available in PxPlus 2016 and show you how to leverage these in your application. Samples will highlight these new enhancements while incorporating existing features so that you can better envision how to implement all the incredible features.

Two days jam-packed with technical sessions designed to help you get a deeper understanding of the latest tools, techniques, and innovations from PVX Pus Technologies that will allow you to design, develop, and test multi-platform applications more effectively. An optional one-day Workshop, for a more hands-on and BYOD training is also available. Social events, included in the program, are designed to allow you to make connections with colleagues and the PVX Plus staff. Through learning, networking, and collaboration, you’ll be better prepared and motivated to meet the challenges of your business.

For more details check out: our conference overview.