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"Your way to the Web"
PVX Plus Technologies is pleased to announce its partnership with Blytheco LLC, a leading Sage Software dealer in Southern California.
As a result of this partnership we are proud to announce bMobile, an iNomads based offering that allows Sage MAS 90/200 to be run on any browser, anywhere, anytime.

During the Sage Insights 2009 conference in Nashville, Blytheco and PVX Plus Technologies showcased bMobile running MAS 90 and MAS 200 on a variety of web browsers.

Have a look at the video below to see iNomads in action.

Now consider what iNomads could do for you...

The iNomads Advantage

To be competitive in today’s global markets, you need to provide your clients with information and services at their fingertips. In order for your business to succeed, your application needs to run on the Internet. However, just because you need a web-based application shouldn't mean that you have to rewrite your entire application.

Well, we have an easy solution for you.

iNomads is a product that quickly and easily transforms your application into a 'true' Internet application using the latest in HTML, JavaScript and Ajax technology. It’s not a virtual terminal, not a thin client, but it runs your application as a real web-based application on any browser, on any computer, including a smart phone.

Since you don’t have to rewrite your application, you can quickly provide your existing customers with a web version of your application and WIN new customers by having the best of both worlds -- a Web based application and a stand alone graphical application all from a single set of code.

iNomads gives you the power to take your application to the next level. Whether you sell your product directly to your clients for use on their own in-house systems, or setup an ASP model and sell access to your application over the Internet from any PC -- anywhere. More choices mean more opportunities to grow your business.

Take advantage of the power of the web and start using iNomads today.

What is iNomads?

iNomads provides a web based environment that allows Nomads screens and panels to be run over the web from any industry standard web browser. Unlike standard Nomads panels, the target device does not have to be running WindX, JavX or be a Windows workstation. No download or install is required by the end-user, standard browser functionality (HTML and JavaScript) is used to render and process the panels.

A new product that will allow Nomads developed applications to be run in a browser

  • Not Windx or Javx but rather it creates HTML/DHTML and JavaScript from the panel definitions contained in Nomads libraries.
  • It makes your application a true web application

How does iNomads work?

In response to a web request, iNomads launches a process on the server to run the application
  • The process converts panel definitions to DHTML
  • Subsequent requests get routed to the same process
  • Application remains resident and has persistence

What are some advantages?

  • No special software required on workstation
  • HTML incorporated into existing web design
    • HTML layout subject to CSS
    • Customizable templates allow further refinement
    • No constant connection required
    • Allows use where transmissions may be intermittent (warehouse, mobile...)
    • Uses existing application code and libraries

How can I see a demo of iNomads?

  • We have setup a web site using iNomads to run the ProvideX Application 2007 demo at:

    Please note: since this application launches additional windows to run the application you will need to disable your popup blocker for this site, in order to view the demo.

Sure, but can I try iNomads with one of my panels?

  • First download and install a demo copy of PxPlus from our PVX Plus - Download Center
  • Follow the instructions on our wiki page to setup a demo Web Server. See: Setup and Installation - Web Server Setups
  • Then follow the instructions, to setup a test configuration. See: Setup and Installation - Testing the Configuration
    • Point your browser to:
    • The first time you will get a warning that this is for Demonstration Only
    • Refresh the screen and you should see the Transaction Selector
    • To test iNomads with one of your panels, simply select a Transaction from the drop down box
    • Replace the contents in the fields: Panel, Library and Directory with your information
    • Press the Run button, to test iNomads with your panel

Where can I find licensing and pricing information?

What are WayFarer Packs?

  • WayFarer Packs are specially designed bundles to deploy with your application.
  • They are an economical option that provides you the ability of offering a Web based application to your customers.

I have more questions, how can I get more information?