Tools for EVERY aspect of your Application

Having the right tool at the right time is important. Many development environments only focus on having tools for the developer. Not true of PxPlus.

We understand that having the right tools goes well beyond those for the developer. PxPlus includes tools for the end user and tools that will help the developer support the end-user.

PxPlus has all the tools you need.

Development Tools

The PxPlus Integrated Development Environment (IDE) provides the developers with all the tools they need in one place. With direct access to over 50 system utilities, the IDE provides fast, immediate access to all the tools that a developer needs.

Partial List of IDE utilities:

  • Program Editor
  • Graphical Screen Designer
  • Web Deployment (iNomads) Configurations
  • Data Dictionary and Import Tools
  • Visual Template Manager
  • Message Library Maintenance
  • File Maintenance Generator

Most importantly, the IDE is project based. We realize that developers, like everybody else, have to juggle many tasks at the same time; whether that is new development for their next release, support for a prior release, or custom development for a special client. The IDE allows the developer to establish multiple projects each with their own environment, settings, favorite/common activities and task history.

End-User Tools

There are many common functional elements to Business Applications. For example, looking up customer codes, exporting data are just some of the features that a typical end user expects of an application.

When developing applications, you should not have to create these tools yourself. With PxPlus you won't. This saves you countless hours of development time while providing your users a comprehensive set of application functionality rarely seen in business applications today.

When you deploy your PxPlus application, it comes complete with a wide variety of tools specifically designed for use by the end user. These tools are all fully customizable in terms of language and security options making sure that the system protects sensitive data or feature and that it is accessible in the user's language of choice.

Some of the application end-user tools that PxPlus provides:

  • An input lookup/query subsystem that provides for end-user customization of columns, favorites, filters, and charts
  • Special input query functions for maps, calculator, and Calendar
  • Direct data manipulation of virtually ANY application generated list presented to the end Query with export and charting capabilities
  • An easy to use Report Writer based on a spreadsheet-style columnar design
  • Data access ODBC and Command line interfaces
  • Two report viewers -- One using an internal format and one PDF based

Support Tools

The need for tools doesn’t end once the application is developed and turned over to the end user. Things go wrong or don't always work the way you wanted which is why PxPlus also includes tools to assist you in supporting your clients.

PxPlus includes three different methods to invoke its integrated debugger. You can use the graphical debugger component within the program editor (IT), the text mode debugger (DBG), or even debug the application via the Web using the iNomads Debugger. All of these tools provide you the means to inspect and trace through application problems in the field.

Of course sometimes support personal aren't available to provide direct debugging support. In this case the PxPlus system includes a HELPME system utility that provides a full application resource dump via email to assist in problem resolution.

Highlights of PxPlus Tools:

  • Query System
    State-of-the-art integrated lookups with export, charting, filtering and printing built in
  • Report Writer
    Easy to learn/use report writer based on a spreadsheet style drag and drop interface
  • Outbound Email
    Callable utility to generate and send HTML and/or Text emails with attachments
  • Signature Capture
    Ability to capture signature from touch screen devices to image files
  • File Transfer Protocol Interface
    Interface for sending and receiving files via FTP
  • ODBC & Command Line Data Access
    Two different interfaces that provide direct access (read/write) to your PxPlus data structures
  • File Maintenance Generator
    Create file maintenance forms directly from the data dictionary without having to write code
  • Security System
    Control access to files, reports, and programs to the field level
  • XML Import/Export
    An XML data manipulation tool for the processing and creation of XML.
  • Thin Client Plugin
    Provides access to graphical programs running on a remote server without the need for remote desktop software
  • Web Services
    Allows for the access to application data, charts, and reports providing the results in HTML, PNG, JSON or XML formats
  • Data Import
    Create and load tables directly from text/CSV files
  • Menu Subsystem
    Graphical menu system suitable to run/launch your application with HTML based help
  • Online Update
    Web based software update facility for PxPlus and its related toolset