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PxPlus Releases
Version 10.10 - Feature Pack 1 May 2012

Version 10.10 PxPlus - Feature Pack 1

Version 10.10 is Feature Pack 1 (FP1) for PxPlus version 10 and is provided as a free upgrade to all Version 10 PxPlus systems. It includes a number of new features and corrections to the Version 10 PxPlus product.

The following is a partial list of the PxPlus enhancements included with this feature pack.
(click here to view information on the prior Version 10 - build 9300)

  • TRY .. CATCH directives have been added to the language for exception handling.
  • Added a 'ThumbSize property to scroll bars to enable user to control size of slider
  • Enhanced RICH TEXT input fields to allow up to 1MB in length.
  • Added support for Mousewheel over closed Drop box to select items
  • Improved flow control when using Application Server and WindX.
  • New error reporting added to handle instances when open of *BITMAP* required too much memory.
  • Improved PDF handling of pictures to better emulate normal windows printer output.
  • Enhanced SAVE to not include version information if '+R' is set to zero.
  • Enhanced the GOSUB directive to provide a WITH clause to pre-set variables prior running subroutine
  • Enhanced the ENV( ) function to return the product name when called with -1 (PxPlus-Base/Pro/Ecomm or PxBasic) 
  • New 'occurrence' field added to the ERR( ) Function to retrieve error history
  • Added support for high-order ASCII to XML parser function.
  • 'PICTURE' mnemonic has been enhanced to provide for the rotation and cropping of images (excludes animated GIFs)
  • The 'PICTURE' mnemonic has also been modified to allow for the omission of position information (top,left,width,height) when used in list_view text.
  • The 'OPTION' mnemonic now allows the user to change the date/time stamp for file access, modification and creation.
  • Added *CURFONT as a standard font name to the 'FONT' Mnemonic to indicate that the current font name should be retained
  • Extensive Nomads panel and utility panel re-tooling to standardize screen terminology and design.
  • Added Drag and Drop functionality to a number of Nomads utility programs
  • Improved the Nomads TAB order entry screen
  • Added new 'STRETCH' option for screen resizing that allows controls to be stretched to accomodate new screen size.
  • Query System
    - Records selected as favorites can now be highlighted in the query list by setting %Nomad_Query_Fave_Color$ to the color to be used.
    E.g. %Nomad_Query_Fave_Color$="dark green"
    - Added the ability to cancel changes made to a query definition as opposed to having design changes applied immediately.
    - Popup menu options can now be suppressed by type. Setting %Nomad_Query_Suppress_Popup$ with any combination of ‘E’ (export), ‘C’ (copy), ‘H’ (hidden columns),’F’ (filters), ‘V’ (favourites) and/or ‘P’ (profile).
    Thus %Nomad_Query_Suppress_Popup$=”EC” would suppress the Export and Copy options, and %Nomad_Query_Suppress_Popup$=”CEFHPV” would suppress the entire popup menu. Order of the letter codes does not matter.
  • File Maintenance System
    - Now supports the ability to create maintenance programs for external databases. To create a file maintenance panel for an external database table, there must be an entry for the table in the Data Dictionary file. It can be defined using a file name from a prefix file, or a file name consisting of the connection string for the table.
    - Allows the use of numeric keys
  • iNomads now supports concurrent windows
  • Added the ability to create Radio_buttons dynamically on a panel
  • Improved Button display to better match the Windows button styles
  • Enhanced Radio_buttons to support background colours
  • Added new option to control the 'outlining' of the control that currently has focus.
  • Added logic to allow templates to control the contents of TRISTATE check boxes
  • Added system sounds to allow the 'BEEP' mnemonic to be properly emulated
  • Added 'SORT property support to tree view.
  • Improved the handling/drawing of single row/column frames
  • Improved highlighting of Grid cells and improved support for grid cell background colours
  • Added support for direct placement of POPUP_MENUs
  • Improved timeout handling by adding a new RECONNECT_TIME property to define how long a user has to reconnect to a task.
  • Added the ability to include your own custom HTML in the MSGBOX text. ($01$ replaced with <, and $02$ replaced with >)
  • A new WindX Connection Manager has been provided to simplify and control connections to various client-server hosts
  • Added logic to detect invalid file name cases for system library programs when transferring using the WindX static download facility
  • Added a warning message to WindX when the workstation WindX is older than the server (only displayed when going to command mode).
  • Enabled the *PATCH utility to handle programs that have embedded version control. Patch utility will now overwrite prior versions.
  • Added logic to allow the FID of a workstation to include the quote or apostrophe character in the SPAWN utility.
  • Removed faulty word wrap logic from *it editor
  • Added support for new PxPlus VLR file formats to the *UFAC file check utility.
  • Forced TURBO mode on for graphical editor to improve performance
  • Updated *web/base64 program to use internal functions in order to improve performance.
  • Enhanced *UFAR to properly handle compressed files.
Version 5.10 of the ODBC driver and pxpsql command line processor released
  • Added a LIST command that will display all table names in the supplied data dictionary or INI file.
  • Enhanced to support config files with blank lines and config files with Windows, Unix, or mixed line endings.
  • The Unix/Linux version now prints out error messages along with the error code. (Previously only the Windows version supported this)
  • Added support for scalar conversions involving days of the week or month names.
  • Improved optimization of cross join queries that have a where clause that involves the second tables key. The bug caused the entire second
    table to be read for each record in the first table.
  • Resolved a problem with descending keys when a file was small enough to be locally cached.
  • Fixed cross joining with a EFF table as the second argument.
Fixes and Minor Changes
  • WindX changed to force the use of the Caption line from the INI during initial connection.
  • Resolved problem with Web news program not properly running in the background under Unix/Linux.
  • Corrected a variety of system utilities to properly detect Unix/Linux versus Windows
  • Fixed potential problem in the Apache based Web interface to properly set content-type for form submissions.
  • Upgraded *win/xlate to be able to run on Unix based systems.
  • Corrected problem with Link file utility caused by passworded or owner coded device drivers.
  • Corrected the list of Functions displayed when defining numeric functions in the Report Writer Designer
  • Resolved issue with the *win/registry program and leading slashes in key fields.
  • Resolved problem with Report Writer and error 47 caused by custom sort that did not use a key segment
  • Corrected *web/ftp program problem with LIST directory functionality
  • Corrected 'Variable$ property in *dict/colinfo when used with external databases.
  • Resolved problem with Application Server not being able to handle Version 10 due to numeric masking
  • Fixed problem with Calendar control and Right or Center aligned input field not signaling change
  • Eliminated GPF caused by requesting the BINSOURCE list on a windows printer that had no bins.
  • Corrected incorrect removal of DROP FILE entries caused when OCX with no window handle was dropped.
  • Resolved memory corruption problem caused by issuing DELETE 65000
  • Corrected problem in *MEMORY* key generation on files with > 255 fields.
  • iNomads
    - Corrected problem with Grids and joined columns/rows not appearing properly
    - Corrected problem with Hide/Show of query buttons associated with input fields.
    - Fixed problem with the display of Web style folders
    - Resolved a List view mouse click detection problem
    - Corrected variable clearing to match standard Nomads.
    - Fixed missing Folder'CurrentTab'Active property
    - Changed OPERA browser detection to handle more recent versions
    - Improved order of display to properly emulate the ordering of overlapping controls
    - Corrected problem with list view sorting when data contained mnemonics.
    - Resolved issue with the handling of Backspace key in IE (IE internally generated Page back)
    - Corrected JUMPTO logic to properly handle quoted strings
  • Nomads
    - Corrected problem in library compare utility where it would not properly handle the "SLCT" records in a panel library.
    - Resolved problem with Query system which could lead to a memory file being left open
    - Corrected problems with expressions used as colour definitions in shapes
    - Resolved problems caused by using Folder style Nomads with blockpaste and other utilities.
    - Fixed resizing problem with multi-lines.
    - Fixed missing Pre/Post logic entries for smart controls in the Folder based Nomads designer
    - Resolved problem with library compare not properly detecting changes in Dependencies

Supplemental updates:

The following additional update(s) have also been released:

0001 Library Update
  • Corrected the version number and settings on some library routines that missed 'Versioning'
0002 Library and EXE Update
  • Fixed problem with displaying PNG files and recognition of transparency
  • Corrected image rotation securirty checks (was set for Ver 11 not Ver 10)
  • Improved TIP handling in List views for column headers
  • Fixed syntax parsing problem with REC=VIS(..) in READ DATA directive
  • Removed Data Dictionary update when editing 'Notes' and no change applied
  • Fixed Query column definition problem when using a Data class with a Spinner control
  • Resolved problem with Querys not being saved when closed using the Window Close button
  • Removed variable name TRY from the system utilities
  • Added ability to override program editor for .pxprg files by setting PXPEDIT
  • Resolved problem with autofill crossing Nomads libraries