The PxPlus Web Server

The PxPlus WebServer interface serves up Web content and PxPlus functionality without the need for a separate Common Gateway Interface (CGI) utility.

Create a dynamic PxPlus-coded Web site that allows browser access to PxPlus as well as other file structures—and do it easily, with minimal knowledge of HyperText Markup Language (HTML).

Sample Web Application

Simply create the Web content using your favourite HTML authoring tool (Microsoft Word, FrontPage, etc.) or by using the PxPlus HTML editor. The WebServer interface enables you to include line label entry points in Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) to redirect processing to subprograms from your Web applications. PxPlus treats variables passed as arguments in your URLs as real variables in your programs. The interface’s coding standards for HTML and for implementing PxPlus applications follow all CGI conventions.

The WebServer interface runs as a background process for Windows XP/2003/2008/Vista/Windows 7 & 8, UNIX, or Linux servers and can co-exist with other Web servers. Use it exclusively, or to augment your existing Internet operations. For instance, Apache, Microsoft IIS, or Netscape can serve your main site while your PxPlus WebServer delivers the transaction oriented applications that have access to your PxPlus data.

It works with any standard Web browser and offers excellent response time even in heavy traffic. The system can process as many as a thousand simultaneous requests by monitoring up to a hundred ports on a server—each port serving documents and programs from one or more root directories.

PxPlus Web Server at a Glance

  • Integrates PxPlus programs directly with standard web server operations
  • Provides direct access to PxPlus application features, PxPlus file structures, and ODBC data files for use in your web applications
  • Accepts and runs CGI-compliant URLs as PxPlus programs
  • SSL – Secure Socket Layer encryption
  • Monitors up to 100 discreet TCP Sockets each acting as its own web server
  • Allows up to 1000 handlers per web server
  • Virtual root directories
  • Automatic restarting of stops/stalls
  • On-the-fly configuration updating

PxPlus Apache /IIS HTTP Server Interface

Provides most of the features and capabilities of the PxPlus Web Server but relies on an Apache or IIS HTTP front end thus a wider variety of web services are supported.

Product Licensing

The PxPlus WebServer and the PxPlus HTTP server interface are only available with the PxPlus Web bundle.

Built in utilities

A number of built-in utilities are included with the PxPlus WebServer interface, so you can:

  • Merge data dynamically with template-style documents
  • Perform automatic table generation
  • Send e-mail responses to any Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) based e-mail server
  • Create truly dynamic HTML pages with an HTML merge utility

PxPlus Apache/IIS HTTP Server Interface

The Apache/IIS HTTP Server interface is also included with the Web Server add-on or as part of the PxPlus eCommerce bundle.

  • PxPlus interface to the Apache or Microsoft IIS HTTP Server
  • Wider variety of web services supported
  • Offload your PxPlus tasks since all non-PxPlus requests are serviced directly by the Apache/IIS HTTP server
  • Take advantage of the high-performance capabilities of the Apache/IIS HTTP server for downloads, image transfers, and basic HTML pages