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Version 8.01 Build 9181

This is the first major release of PxPlus incorporating the Sage ProvideX version 8 feature set that includes changes such as:

For a full description of the ProvideX changes, please review the respective Sage 8.00 readme file which can be found at

This release of PxPlus also includes a series of critical ProvideX 8.11 changes that were identified during our QA process.

In addition to the above, all the features found in the latest build of V7.65 of PxPlus and the following PxPlus Exclusive features have been incorporated with this release.
(click here to view information on the prior build --9180)

  • Improved object loading and creation times through the addition of a new Object Class Caching mechanism.
  • Added Dynamic Property Creation for objects to allow the creation of properties at run time.
  • Included a new GetFileDelim entry in the [Config] section of the INI file to define the GET_FILE_BOX delimiter.
  • None
  • The HELP command line utility has been enhanced to handle system variables, functions, and directives more efficiently.
  • A new FLUSH command line utility has been added to clear program cache (internal and external)
Fixes and Minor Changes
  • Corrected problem with DROP FILE ON ... directive when used with WindX.