PxPlus Releases

PxPlus 2023 Update 1 (version 20.10)

October 2023

PxPlus 2023 Update 1 is an update release that includes the enhancements below and a number of small fixes that have been developed since the PxPlus 2023 (version 20.00) release.


Language Enhancements

  • ADD INDEX directive now supports the use of an open file channel to a keyed or memory file to which the key will be added
  • DROP INDEX directive now supports the use of an open file channel to a keyed or memory file from which the key will be dropped
OPTION Mnemonics
  • LockOverDisable option for setting Multi-Line input fields that are both locked and disabled to display as locked (as opposed to disabled)

    Note: The above options can be read using the FIN function.


  • Default Start Page option added to the Webster+ Setup Template tab to define the system default Starting Page to be used when a browser connects
  • Group Template and Start Page options added to Group Maintenance to override the system default Template settings and Starting Page for any user in the specified group
  • Default Template and User Start Page options added to User Maintenance to override the group and system default Template settings and Starting Page for a specified user
  • Longwait class added to allow any control (Button, Check Box, List, etc.) to visually notify users to wait when executing an event that may take some time to respond
  • Depends short code added to allow the inclusion of logic on the Web page that will control the display and operation of the various controls based on a condition

Enhanced IDE and Toolkit

File Maintenance Generator

Data Dictionary

  • Data Dictionary Maintenance enhancements:
    • NOMADS Tools menu added with options for creating and editing library objects
    • Ability to View the contents of a database Link file or Prefix file entry
    • Define button added to Data Element Definitions (Query tab) for creating or editing a query definition
  • New filtering capability by File type and Database type added to the Lookup Table Names dialog
  • Allow for Global variables for defining database Link/Prefix files for [ADO], [DB2], [MYSQL], [OCI] and [ODB]
  • Database Import utility and Bulk Database Export utility enhancements:
    • File Type column added to display the data dictionary physical file type
    • Column sorting capability added to applicable columns
    • Group column added to the Bulk Database Export utility to display the current group name of the table from the data dictionary
    • Database connection information of the last database successfully connected to is remembered on a "per project" basis, one for each database type, and automatically loaded when the utility is invoked
    • Create DB File button added for creating either a Link file or a Prefix file entry that points to the database itself

Data Class Definition

  • Define button added to Drop Box, List Box and Multi-Line data classes (Query tab) for creating or editing a query
  • Input Length will be set automatically (based on Internal Size value) when saving a new Multi-Line data class with no input length and no input format mask

Query Changes

  • Ability to save changes to the query panel dimensions and column settings (width, sequence, shown/hidden columns) when Testing the query
  • New Start At Value options added to the query header for Query+ to set whether the starting value will be matched by key value or return value
  • New Return Prime Key value in Hex check box option added to the query header for returning the Hex value of the Primary key