Version 9.00 Build 9200

This build of PxPlus primarily incorporates the features of ProvideX version 9.00 and a number of new PxPlus features. Two of the major ProvideX V9 features are ADO access to Microsoft SQL Server databases and support for themes and Visual classes within Nomads.

For further information on the features included with ProvideX 9.00 please see

Check out our Version 9 overview
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The following PxPlus Exclusive features that were included with this release are described below:
(click here to view information on the prior build --9190)

  • Associative Arrays/Hash Tables
    This feature allows you to reference array elements by a key name as opposed to by index/subscript number.
  • Direct file access without need of OPEN/CLOSE
    All file I/O directives (except OPEN) can now specify a file name instead of a file number when accessing data files. The system will dynamically Open/Close the files as required thus reducing the programming requirements to access data.
  • Query Based file *QUERY*
    Nomads queries can be opened as an input file using the logical file name *QUERY*..
  • Enhanced List View
    This list view has been enhanced to allow multiple bitmaps to be placed in the field data using the 'PICTURE' mnemonic.
  • SVN Interface
    The CVS interface has been expanded to provide support for SVN servers with options integrated into the command mode menu and graphical editor.
  • SYSTEM_JRNL enhancements
    The SYSTEM_JRNL has been enhanced to provide to for the automatic sequencing of multiple journal files.
  • iNomads support for IIS
    Microsoft's IIS web services are now supported by iNomads through the use an ASP.NET interface.
  • Windows Background parameter
    A new command line
    -BKG parameter has been added to the Windows PxPlus to specifically declare the process as a background task.
  • In order to set the number of Dynamically open files allowed, a new 'F+' system parameter has been added.
  • A new Multi_line transparent option has been added to locked Multi-lines allowing for the use or background images and/or textures.
  • Tree view controls now support a 'Bold property on the text within the tree
  • List view control headers can now be locked so that column sizes cannot be changes using the 'ColumnSizeLock property.
  • The List view column headers can be totally locked (neither clickable nor draggable) using the new 'HeaderLock property.
  • Nomads Query System Enhancements
    The query system has undergone many enhancements and, on its own, is probably one of the most important reasons to upgrade to Version 9. The following are some of the key V9 query enhancements that were added:
    • Export to Spreadsheet
    • Hidden columns
    • Column filters
    • User favorites
  • User-Defined Interface for File Maintenance
    A new interface has been developed that allows the developer to define a program that will be called by the standard File Maintenance system when initialized, exited, or whenever a file is updated.
  • System journal replication facilities
    New System Journal TCP/IP transfer utilities (*plus/jrnl/send & *plus/jrnl/recv) to provide for remote data replication
  • A Flash interface has been developed for iNomads allowing you to use flash movies in your iNomads panels.
  • Nomads/iNomads access to Google Maps
    A Nomads-based interface to Google maps has been developed that allows maps to be included in your graphical panels both in Nomads and iNomads.
    This is the first of a number of planned Object extensions to Nomads & iNomads
Fixes and Minor Changes
(since build 9190.4)
  • Enabled 'Menuctl detection for Rich text controls
  • Improved handling of PREINPUT during WindX OCX Event handling
  • Added Transparency to 'FRAME' headers text background
  • Eliminated call to embedded IO close when changing system journalization file settings (details)
  • Added a RTF conversion to the CVS function.
  • Removed 16 bit (32K) limit within WindX list box load/write directive(details)

Supplemental updates:

The following additional update(s) have also been released:

  • Corrected problems using ADO and 'TEXT' style fields
  • Added a new WDW Command that can be used to resize the command mode window.
  • Corrected a minor problem with filters in the query system.
  • Improved the function of the SUPPRESS_FF logic to ignore non-printing mnemonics.
  • Minor correction to the Flash interface for iNomads
  • Added 'OPTION'("PDFFONTDIR", "pathname") and FIN(0, "PDFFONTDIR") to control location of PDF Fonts
  • Added trace logic to WindX to report all locally trapped errors when running in Turbo mode.
  • Corrected potential GPF caused when quiting system with windows trace active and tracing File Opens
  • Resolved issue with Spell Checker that could cause duplicate popup menues on folder.
  • Corrected a file pointer problem with EFF files and Unix/Linux
  • Added Null input transition support to iNomads Multi-lines and Menu bar Enable/Disable by CTL number
  • Added the ability to obtain the list of supported encryption alogrithms the the HSH function.