Another"Double your Money" Event
Anaheim - May 31, 2007

The focus of the event will be on technology but not just for the sake of technology. Instead, we will show you how these new features can help you face the challenges of the marketplace not only today but tomorrow. To follow is a quick overview of what you can expect to see.

Setup and Installation
  • Learn how you can co-exist with clients existing web-based applications running on Apache while improving the performance of your ProvideX based web services.
  • See how the PxPlus Auto-download feature simplifies the workstation downloads and updates of thin-client solutions.
  • Reduce your costs associated with product installation and activation.
  • Avoid firewall issues using the ICANN recognized PxPlus client-server protocol.
  • Optimize program load times on networked systems while reducing memory requirement on client-server implementations.
  • Speed up network transmissions with data compression and host side caching.
  • Eliminate the system overhead of imbedded data dictionaries to improve your data access times.
  • Utilize new methods of file access to improve Ad-hoc retrieval of data.
User Interface
  • See how you can add word processing capabilities to your application input fields with internal support of RTF data formats.
  • Make your own Widget style windows complete with non-rectangular (shaped) windows and transparency control.
  • Take advantage of the enhanced Query tool to allow your users to easily copy data to external application such as Excel.
  • Learn about using the Mouse wheel, Slider/Sizer control, hyper-link style buttons, system tray buttons, auto-complete input fields, and other new UI interfaces
  • Add functionality to the existing controls with you own "Object Enhanced Controls' or define your own control with "Object Defined Controls".
Data Management and Networking
  • Review the advantages of using MYSQL as a possible backend database for your application.
  • See how the PxPlus remote call interface uses SOAP to run programs across the Internet.
  • Learn about the internal XML parsing engine and how it can simplify interfacing to other applications.
  • Use Data Replication to provide better access to your data and improve data integrity.
  • Add numeric keys to your data files to simplify access by numeric value without having to apply any special data formatting.
  • If you are considering taking your application overseas, see how Unicode and UTF-8 can help.
Development Tools
  • Take the new Integrated Toolkit for a spin and see how its built in debugger, source version control, program analyzer, workspace manager, plus the integrated NOMADS, Program, and Macro librarians can aid in application development.

It is a jam packed session filled with valuable information focusing on how these PxPlus features can help you and your business.

Space is limited so contact our sales department today to find out how to DOUBLE YOUR MONEY and to reserve your seat.