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PxPlus User Forum


For years we had used a mailing list to communicate with everyone in the PxPlus community and it had done a decent job of meeting our needs.

As time progressed, our needs, and the needs of the community have changed beyond what it can provide.

The new PxPlus User Forum offers numerous advantages, including:

This forum is now available for anyone and everyone who uses the PxPlus Development Suite.

Here you’ll be able to find tips, tricks, troubleshooting guidance and recommendations. It will also continue to be a way to get feedback from other developers on what’s working form them, what isn’t, and ways that we can make PxPlus better.

Anyone can visit the PxPlus User Forum and look around, soaking in all the information and expertise available, but in order to post questions or comments you must have a PxPlus User Forum account. When you visit the forum and try to register for the first time, you will be prompted to setup a new account and there will be an added step for email verification.