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PxPlus Product Pricing
US Dollars - Effective May 2022

PxPlus Development Suite (per user) Base Pro Web
Users 1 - 15 $325 $450 $575
Users 16-128 $260 $360 $460

PxPlus Version Upgrades (per user) Base Pro Web
Per version (supported versions only) $65 $90 $115

Development Suite includes: Base Pro Web
PxPlus Language & NOMADS Toolkit
OCX Interface
Internet Toolkit
Multiple Image Support
Smart Controls
Charting Controls
PxPlus Views
Read BBx Files
OLE Server
Report Writer Designer w/Views
Native Oracle Interface (OCI)
Native DB2 Interface
ADO Interface (MS SQL)
Signature Capture
MySQL Interface
Windx Plug-in (per user) $120
PxPlus SQL Server & ODBC Driver N/A
Web Server N/A N/A
Application Server N/A N/A
XML Interface N/A N/A
iNomads N/A N/A
PxServer (File IO Server) N/A N/A
Webster+ N/A N/A
Add-on (per serial#) Base Pro Web
SQL Mirroring $1,500 $1,500 $1,500
Miscellaneous Price
Manual key generation (non-discountable) $100

All prices FOB Markham, Ontario, Canada. Taxes and shipping charges may apply.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
All prices quoted are in $US. Contact us for Canadian prices.
International orders may be subject for local import fees, duty, customs VAT charges, additional taxes in the country of destination.