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Version 9.10 Build 9201

This build of PxPlus is an interim release and provides a number of problem fixes both for PxPlus and ProvideX. It also incorporates changes found in version 9.10 of ProvideX.

For further information on the features included with ProvideX 9.00 please see

The following PxPlus Exclusive enhancements that were included with this release are described below:
(click here to view information on the prior build --9200)

  • Added functionality that allows activation keys to be placed in the PxPlus INI file
  • The PREINPUT directive was added to the object server interface.
  • Improved the handling of OPEN and OWNER passwords for PDFs
  • Added the contents of the HLP= option to object defined controls.
  • Improved class naming conventions to avoid issues caused by using a mix of forward and back slashes.
  • Added support for BOTH MySql version 5.10 (and later) and pre-version 5.10
  • Included ProvideX/PxPlus magic number file for Unix/Linux
  • The OPEN CREATE directive was enhanced to make sure a lock was applied to any newly created file
  • The DEF UID=xxx directive has been enhanced to provide for a LOCAL setting that will not be validated by the OS.
  • Enhanced the CALL directive to allow it to pass associative arrays
  • Improved the internal handling of channel zero 'OPTION' mnemonics with running under WindX.
  • Added support for browser specific style sheets within templates
  • Improved display of Check boxes within IE by providing a background highlight when focused
  • Added a new 'HEADER_TAGS$ property to allow defintion of data to be placed in the header of generated HTML
  • Improved Scroll bar presentation for Grids and List boxes
  • Added three new customizable templates to the system (custom1, custom2 and custom3)
  • Support for overlapping controls was added.
  • Internal javascript calendar enhanced to provide the ability to define century when 6 digit date is entered.
  • The WDW system command has been enhanced to support WindX connected clients
  • NTHost, the application server, and the PxPlus simple Client server have all been updated to include the -BKG parameter
  • Nomads/iNomads access to Fusion, Google and RGraph Charts
    An interface to Google and RGraph Charts for both iNomads and Nomads has been added to provide better charts and access to charts on the web from browsers that don't support Flash. In addition this version supplies an interface to the standard
    FusionCharts V3 which may be purchased seperately.
  • The Source control interface for desktop launching of Edit and Open task was enhanced to run the user START_UP program if present.
  • Added logic to detect Internet connections to all Google related controls
  • Improved shutdown for Simple CS server host process to detect and handle windows shutdown
  • Made a minor enhancement to *IT and the Source control interface to force message boxes that require a user response to go ONTOP of all other windows.
  • Improved Source control system to automatically create new directories in the application target as required.
  • Increased internal limit to command line length in Application server to 1024 (up from 256)
Fixes and Minor Changes
  • Corrected problem with pending load on demand request not being reset when list box cleared.
  • Improved handling of fractions in the FMT$ value to avoid floating point representation
  • Changed display of Check boxes to make smaller check boxes more visible
  • Resolved a problem that occured with a simple DIM variable directive
  • Corrected a error in the loading of VDF (load data) files which caused memory corruption
  • Fixed a problem that would occur when executing an OPEN PURGE (..) "*viewer*"
  • Allowed ON EVENT logic to be assigned to remote (WindX) objects
  • Resolved a memory overlap problem which would only occur on Linux INTEL based systems (AMD was okay)
  • Corrected iNomads issue with handling large transfers from Firefox.
  • Resolved a problem in Nomads when using large window titles
  • Corrected potential problem with 'Physical Type' selection in dictionary maintence
  • Corrected error with the OBJ system command
  • Improved error detection for too many 'temp' files in the system within the *FL.NME utility
  • Resolved a minor issue with the premature truncation of the system log on *plus/winutl/service
  • Developed a work around for having dashes in panel names when used within folders.
  • Fixed the spell checker for Dutch, German, French and Spanish libraries to remove auto-refresh so they could be used external of Nomads
  • Resolved a problem in Views that occured when processing a view with NO data elements
  • Fixed issue with key definitions that had descending options and a key name in the query system.
  • Added recovery logic to the WindX auto-download in order to handle file access errors.

Supplemental updates:

The following additional update(s) have also been released:

  • Replaced *win/propdefn with correct PxPlus version.
  • Removed requirement for Visual Studio DLLs to be 'installed' for ADO and OCX components
  • Corrected case of START_UP program in PxPlus Simple Client server
  • Enhanced Winqry to use 'Child' windows to eliminate extra entry on Task bar
  • Fixed problem with *web/smtp that could result in unexpected Escape signal being generated
  • Corrected problem with setting color for Rich text controls